And so it begins.

January 7, 2014

This is my very first blog  on my journey to becoming a published author. My book, the title of which is in limbo, is due out  June 1, 2014. I entitled it The Equalizer, however my publisher, North Star Press, thinks it sounds like a film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (wow I bet that took him years to learn how to spell as a kid), so we shall see what happens. The story begins the literary life of Deputy Investigator Cal Sheehan,  who tackles the first homicide investigation of his career: a shocking double murder in an outstate Minnesota county park. Was it a radom killing? Or was the real target the squeaky clean businessman or the scrappy young parks worker who never turned down a fight? In the mix of the tale, Cal is distracted by his dysfunctional family and two aggressive women who vie for his affection and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Coming soon!


12 Comments on “And so it begins.”

  1. Paula Vogt says:

    Good, intriguing plot. What fun for you to be writing and for a publisher. You must have written other stories. Can you tell where they can be found? I wish the best ideas and all the creativity one could hope to come flowing through you….by June 1st. Can’t wait to read your work. Paula


  2. Mary Tucker says:

    So very happy and excited for you, Midge! Can’t wait for my autographed copy to read!


  3. Bonnie says:

    I can hardly wait to read it!


  4. Sue Meyer says:

    So cool!


  5. Mory Bohmbach says:

    I will be anxious to get a copy! Kudos to you for following a dream.


  6. mark fleischhacker says:

    What fun. I was suprised to hear about your secret life of an author. So proud of you for taking that big leap.


  7. Beth T. says:

    Way to go Midge! Will you autograph my book when I get it? Can’t wait to read it!


  8. Jodi says:

    Just want you to know how excited, and proud I am of you! I love to read ,will be buying a copy as soon as it comes out,spreading the word and passing it along to all my book loving friends!What a great accomplishment!


    • midgebubany says:

      Jodi, Thank you! It is a trip, I tell you that! I’m a book lover too and have been invited to come to book clubs which I think will be great fun. BTW, you can ask your local bookstore to order copies.


  9. Paula Vogt says:

    I am looking forward to reading your book, which I ordered this week. Being that I am a new R.V. camper, I hope your story doesn’t scare me out of this new hobby. Congratulations, Midge.


  10. Darlyne Venneri says:

    Way to go, Midge! And you are my sister in law to boot! Can’t wait to read it. Just decided to google “bubany” and there you are!! You go girl
    Darlyne, George and Scott


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