And So It Continues

After a few weeks of editing and corrections on three proofs,  The Equalizer was ready to be sent  to the press. In preparation for the release, I spent many hours setting up events, writing press releases, a bio, blurb, and a summary. The selling and marketing phase of publishing a book is almost a full-time job in itself. I guess that’s why author’s hire publicists, (which I can’t afford at this point). I have set up 13 signing events, most of them will take place this summer, all in Minnesota. “The summer of the book”, is what my husband and I are calling it. The launch party is at The Bookcase in Wayzata, MN on Thursday, June 12 at 7 pm. I have no idea what kind of numbers I will have. After you get bookstores to agree to host a signing you hope people will actually show up, therefore you have to advertise  in local newspapers, post on social media sites, and basically tell everyone you know. I had my first signing at the school I taught in for 12 years, and have been subbing in since I retired six years ago. It was absolutely incredible seeing the enthusiasm from my friends when buying my book. I’d underestimated how many books I would sell and ran out! I’d brought forty-one  with me. The next day my awesome colleagues posed for photos with  my book. So cool. Note the  signs saying “Sold Out”.   Image


One Comment on “And So It Continues”

  1. paul merriman says:

    beautiful picture of beautiful women. Of course I’m prejudiced – my daughter is among them! Top row. Hi Cathy – Dad.

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