The Night Of

My daughter recommended the HBO miniseries, The Night Of. So while visiting her, we watched several episodes. I was immediately hooked, so when I got home I bought the series and finished it the first night I was home. Now, I’m going to rewatch it with my husband. What makes this show so compelling? There were so many things done right: the story itself, the casting, the slow unraveling of the specifics of the case, the twists and turns. In a way the show reminded me of the real crime case of Adnan Syed on Serial, a podcast of The American Life. (If you haven’t listened to it, do.) The detectives made mistakes, the suspect, even more. I won’t tell you what they were because I don’t want to present spoilers. As a crime writer, I look for details in stories. I like accuracy and the only thing I’d say was missing from the investigation was the blood evidence on their suspect. If he’d killed the victim wearing clothing, there’d be blood all over his clothes, which they didn’t emphasize. If he wasn’t wearing clothing, he would be covered in blood and would have had to take a shower. The detectives would have checked the drains. Call me picky, but I like authenticity. However this is  minor compared to all that the director did right. I highly recommend this miniseries.

Crow Wing Dead, a Cal Sheehan mystery.


I Hate Politics

I hate politics. I do. I try to inform myself, and then I vote. But I dread the period of time before elections. In decades past, that time used to be maybe a year of campaigning on the state and federal levels; now the next cycle begins before the current election is even over. Bleh. If the politicians would only focus on what their beliefs and priorities are and what they will focus their energy and time on, instead of how awful and unfit for office the other candidate is. And obviously, their negative campaign plans must work, or they wouldn’t do it. People tend to hear what they want to hear, believe what they want to believe whether what they are being fed is based on facts or not, exaggerated greatly, totally false, or actually true.

So I don’t want to read your political rants and negative, hateful regurgitations on Facebook or Twitter. They aren’t going to make me change my mind. Your lawn signs aren’t going to make me change my mind. Your political meme (an image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users) isn’t going to change my mind. They may serve  only to irritate me greatly, if I let them.

I hate politics, I really do. I try to inform myself, and then I vote.


One Man’s Junk

The expression, One man’s junk is another’s treasure, came to my mind when I visited several antique stores in Alexandria, MN this past weekend. My husband and I were killing time before my signing at Cherry Street Books. (Delightful store, by the way. If you’re ever in Alex, shop there.) The biggest antique store had four levels. It was huge. Many items triggered a trip back in time: dishes similar to my mother’s, toys, hats, vinyl record albums, etc. There was so much to look at I felt overwhelmed, and two things became abundantly clear. First, items I’d been holding on to were worth a few dollars at most. Their value is therefore merely nostalgic. Oh well. Second, we humans are producing and purchasing objects, stuff, junk in huge amounts. Most of us have much more than we need and aren’t very good about recycling and using “old” things, stuff, objects, junk. We just buy and buy and buy. In one hundred years, will there be room for people?

Love those book clubs!

I LOVE going to book clubs, but this one was particularly interesting to me as a crime fiction writer because the members were  practicing attorneys and one judge. I believe I asked them as many questions as they asked me. It was an interesting and fun evening. Thanks to Debbie Russell for inviting me. IMG_2338.JPG

Cal’s Dog Bullet

Okay, his name is really “Tank” (He looks like one.) and he hangs out at Excelsior Bay Books and picks out a book of the week. He’s a wonderful dog and reminds me of our dear Otis whom we miss immensely. I think he likes the role of Bullet though.


The Launch of Crow Wing Dead

Please join me for the launch of Crow Wing Dead at Barnes and Noble, Maple Grove on Saturday, April 9 from 1:00 to 4:00.