How Much Power Do You Think You Have?

Face it. We have little or no power over many things in our lives: the weather, taxes, death, our neighbors political yard signs. There are, however,  plenty of things of which we do have  power and control of: how much we exercise, what to eat, our career path, our behavior toward a partner or co-workers or family members. We can choose which movies or television shows we watch, books we read, where we live, how we treat others, etc. But there are areas of which some people believe they have power, and if one thinks through logically, are quite bizarre. For example, do you think if you wear a particular shirt, cap, underwear, etc. that your team will win? Do you believe if you watch, or don’t watch, a game on television the team will have a better chance? Sports seems to draw out the wackiness in us. I believe the spectators at a game can influence the game by the degree and kind of enthusiasm they display, but sitting in your living room watching, or not watching, in your lucky socks or underwear? Really?

You want to exert your power over something important? Go vote.


I Hate Politics

I hate politics. I do. I try to inform myself, and then I vote. But I dread the period of time before elections. In decades past, that time used to be maybe a year of campaigning on the state and federal levels; now the next cycle begins before the current election is even over. Bleh. If the politicians would only focus on what their beliefs and priorities are and what they will focus their energy and time on, instead of how awful and unfit for office the other candidate is. And obviously, their negative campaign plans must work, or they wouldn’t do it. People tend to hear what they want to hear, believe what they want to believe whether what they are being fed is based on facts or not, exaggerated greatly, totally false, or actually true.

So I don’t want to read your political rants and negative, hateful regurgitations on Facebook or Twitter. They aren’t going to make me change my mind. Your lawn signs aren’t going to make me change my mind. Your political meme (an image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users) isn’t going to change my mind. They may serve  only to irritate me greatly, if I let them.

I hate politics, I really do. I try to inform myself, and then I vote.