My Mojo is Back!

Since September of 2018, I hadn’t been motivated to write novels. That’ll happen when your spouse is diagnosed with a terminal disease. In June of 2019, we lost him from complications after a bone-marrow transplant, the supposed “cure.”

In September of this year, fifteen months after his death, a couple of things happened which sparked me to want to write again. I had people ask more frequently when the next book would be out, people shared with me how much they enjoyed my books, and I was invited to a book club in Woodbury. The day after the book club I began to revise number five in the Cal Sheehan novel. It feels really good to be writing again.


3 Comments on “My Mojo is Back!”

  1. Joan McGill says:

    Good for you!

    Joan McGill



  2. Carol LaFrenz says:

    Great news! I am so happy for you that you can put your emotions and words into a new book!
    Keep those words flowing……..


  3. Jean Steffel says:

    So happy that you are writing again, we’ve all missed you!


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