Merry Murder and Mayhem

Saturday will be the first time I will sell/sign books at a holiday sale. I will be at the Holiday Fare in St. Peter at the Center for the Arts,  from 10:00 to 3:00. My talented cousin Roxy always sells her wonderful pottery there and recommended I try it. I’m looking forward to seeing her; our tables are supposed to be right next to each other. Pottery items make great gifts, but I don’t know how my murder mystery books will go over with a crowd that is Christmas shopping. What do you think? Merry murder and mayhem? See, I think books make wonderful gifts . . . and signed copies from the author?  Even better! Plus, many people like to read local authors set in their own area. My Cal Sheehan novels are set in small town Minnesota.  Cal’s a big likable guy; a young detective who has good instincts and a sense of humor. Because he’s handsome as all get out and a good man, he has no trouble whatsoever attracting  women. However, his choice of ladies often proves to be challenging for him. Perhaps it’s because he’s too trusting, or that his family is messed up. But his heart is in the right place, and he’s learning to be more discerning. Follow Cal’s journey as he continues to grow and change as an investigator and man seeking happiness.


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