Early in our marriage my husband found a quote by John Wooden:  “The best thing a father can do for his children is love their mother.”  He believes strongly in the truth of this statement and throughout our years of rearing two children practiced this philosophy. Tim would openly express his love and respect for me, would never let our children disrespect me, and always had my back and helped me set firm boundaries. His good example taught them not only that their parents should be respected, but how a spouse should be loved.

While in the parenting years, Tim was a  loving father, always ready to teach the kids the valuable lessons of life: how to love nature, how to have fun, how to do repair and assemble items, the value of keeping fit through exercise, how to do yard work and help around the house. He just didn’t speak of these things, he practiced what he preached, and was an excellent model. I can see his influence in how my adult children are living their lives.

When I married Tim forty-five years ago, I thought I knew what kind of a man he was, but at twenty-three I now know  I had no idea what kind of a father he would become. I got lucky.


3 Comments on “FATHERS AND KIDS”

  1. Tim Bubany says:

    Thanks Midge, we are a team in everything we’ve done, and everything we will do.

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  2. Kathy says:

    Your comments about Tim sound so much like my own father. Straightforward, emotionally intelligent, honest and very funny: a fitting description of them both. Dad loved Tim like a son and said so often. He, too, was fond of the quote about loving your wife. How lucky we’ve been to know them.


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